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Our Story

Our bodies are under constant physical stress from the modern environment. Weakened immune system and chronic inflammation are two outcomes of continuous stress that can lead to long-term illnesses and degeneration of our quality of life. In the quest to find ways to  prevent and manage cellular stress and age-related diseases, Botamedi turned to the deep, untouched depths of the sea to discover a natural resource that harnesses nature's ability to heal and regenerate.

Botamedi's research group first discovered the exceptional biology of Ecklonia cava, a species of brown marine algae found off the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea, and identified miraculous polyphenol compounds produced by this unique organism. Scientific research revealed its efficacy in rejuvenating cells with powerful anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory and circulation-enhancing properties that had the potential to transform human bodies.

Using patented technology, Botamedi succeeded in extracting Seanol® (meaning 'sea polyphenol'), and since collaborated with institutions in the US, Europe and Korea to rigorously test and demonstrate the potential of this novel ingredient in supporting healthy aging and reversing age-related symptoms.

Seanol® has been announced by the US FDA, European EFSA and Korean MFDS as a novel functional ingredient that is safe for food and dietary intake. Because Seanol® enhances fundamental cellular health, and is both water and lipid-soluble, it can be delivered to many parts of the body where it shows tremendous efficacy. It has been patented for use in preventing and treating brain degeneration, skin troubles, hair loss,​ cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver diseases among others.

As a medicinal food, Seanol® is as safe as food, and as effective as medicine.

Botamedi is particularly passionate about providing care for patients of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Currently it is undergoing one of the world's strictest approval processes, the US FDA approval for a new drug for Alzheimer's disease.

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