What is Seanol®?

Seanol® is a combination of 14 purified, bioactive compounds from Ecklonia cava, a species of brown kelp.

Did you know?

In seaweed, phlorotannins (polyphenol compounds) are involved in wound healing, as well as in defense against grazing, UV radiation and microbial attacks.


More than a 'Natural Extract'

Compounds in Seanol® have been tested and selected for their safety, activity and delivery in the body, going beyond the potential of whole natural extracts.

Tested & Selected

Only the most effective and promising compounds were taken to make this formula - compounds such as dieckol, PFF-A and 6,6'-bieckol.

✓ Natural ✓ Natural
Contains uncharacterized compounds Contains only bioactive ingredients
Quality may be inconsistent (e.g. quality of seaweed) Quality guaranteed in every product
Level of bioactive compounds may be inconsistent Exact dosage of bioactive compounds
May contain environmental contaminants No environmental contaminants


New Hero for the Brain

Seanol® is one of the most scientifically researched natural ingredients that have been developed for the brain. It may relieve oxidative stress and neuroinflammation to help memory, sleep, and other brain functions.

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Global FDA

Safety Approved

Seapolynol®, the formula containing minimum 90% purity of selected phlorotannins, is recognized as a safe food ingredient by Food & Drug Administrations all over the world.

Seapolynol® is the only Ecklonia cava extract that is legally approved as a dietary supplement in the USA and Europe.

  • New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) 2008

  • Investigational New Drug (IND) 2015

  • Health Functional Food (HFF) 2012

  • Novel Food Ingredient (NFI) 2018

  • Novel Food Ingredient (NFI) 2015