Sea Polyphenols and Memory


Mr. Ho (88 years old), was able to remember dates and names, pass simple memory tests, and do maths calculations again after 2 months of taking iSeanol.



In 2 scientific studies, taking sea polyphenols on a regular basis improved memory test results in mice. The compounds dieckol and PFF-A, found in Seanol®, are suggested to support memory, learning and retention.

(1) Water maze test

In a water maze test, mice were put in a tub of water where they swam to find a hidden underwater platform to stand on. After learning the location of the platform, they were taken out of the tub. When they were put back into the same tub, mice that were fed dieckol found the platform faster than mice that were given a placebo and negative control[1]. This suggests that dieckol may help to improve memory and learning.

(2) Shock avoidance test

In a shock avoidance test, mice were put in cages where one compartment had light and no electric shocks, and the other was dark and gave electric shocks to their feet. The test measured how long the mice would stay in the light compartment, avoiding the electric shocks.

In one study, mice that ate dieckol stayed away from the shock for a longer period of time than negative control mice[1]. This suggests that dieckol may help to remember information for a longer period of time.

In another study, mice were put in the same experiment after they had drunk alcohol. With alcohol, mice forgot about the electric shocks and entered the dark compartment quickly. However, mice that took dieckol or PFF-A together with alcohol still did not enter, for a significantly longer period of time[2]. Taking sea polyphenols recovered 50-80% of normal memory and behavior after alcohol.

*This article is only provided for general information purposes and reference only and not designed or intended to constitute medical advice or to be used for diagnosis. Please consult a qualified medical professional for further advice on decision making on treatment and/or medication.

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