Smart7™ Jelly


BOOST YOUR ENERGY NATURALLY: Be always ready with this double-action mental and physical energy enhancing jelly. Get peak performance out of exams, job interviews, presentations and at the gym with Smart7™ Jelly.

FDA APPROVED NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Exclusive formula with marine polyphenols approved by US and European FDAs. This potent nootropic is sourced from the clean sesas of Jeju Island, South Korea, and reached the standards of Clinical Study. Creates synergy with caffeine for an extra boost. Easily digestible, no preservatives or food dyes.

IRRESISTIBLE TASTE: Packed with a fun blend of natural tropical fruits that tastes delicious. This sweet tasting, low-calorie jelly snack can replace dessert to help you lose weight. Does not contain artificial sweeteners.

ENERGY ON THE GO:  Refuel yourself with this smart and healthy snack whenever you need with easy-to-eat individual stick packets. Take a few in your pocket 


[Botamedi] Smart7™ Jelly - 300g (15g x 20 packets)

Contains super-antioxidant health functional food ingredient Seanol (Ecklonia cava extract), which crosses the blood-brain barrier and has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Fruit flavored
  • Contains Paullinia cupana/guarana extract (caffeine)
       60mg caffeine per pack
       * 1 cup of black coffee contains 75mg caffeine
  • No preservatives or food dyes

  • Recommended usage: 1 packet a day

      300g (15g x 20 packets)

      Product of Korea

      Q: Does Smart7™ Jelly contain caffeine?

      A: Yes. One packet contains 75mg of caffeine, which is half the amount as in a Tall size Starbucks Americano.

      Q: I am trying to lose weight. How many calories are there in Smart7™ Jelly?

      A: One packet contains just 20kcal. That's the same amount as a Grande size Starbucks Americano, and perfect as a natural low-calorie snack.

      Recommended usage: 1 packet a day

      Purified water, fructose, tropical fruit mixed concentrate(Israel/orange concentrate, mango concentrate, passionfruit concentrate, guava concentrate, banana purée), dextrin, guarana extract powder(USA/guarana extract powder(20% or more solid), dextrin), blend(locust bean gum, xanthan gum, crystalline glucose powder, agar, tamarind gum), lemon concentrate(Israel), Ecklonia cava extract (Seanol®), calcium lactate, γ-Cyclodextrin, trisodium citrate, anhydrous citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sucralose.

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