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My IM Feminine Hygiene Pad - natural cotton sanitary pad safe for skin no irritation chafing itchiness super soft odor control chlorine-free bleached cotton ultra-thin safe absorbents intimate care period menstrual sanitary napkin menstrual cup hong kong sanitary napkin my im hk my i.m. myim my-im my im seanol ecklonia cava extract botamedi hong kong botamedi hk botamedihk 2019 korea imported US FDA NDI EFSA NFI

My IM Feminine Hygiene Pad

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Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin with Anti-Irritation Coating

  • Pure natural cotton on your skin
  • Seanol® natural biotech coating reduces odor without chemical fragrances
  • 56% reduced itchiness and irritation, even after long wear time
  • 360° Dual Layer Protection stops leaks during heavy flow
  • Slim pads for free movement and perfect fit
  • Dual Air Layers for quick drying, bare skin feeling
  • Safe absorbents only
    Chlorine-free bleached 100% natural cotton pulp and small amounts of polymers used in baby diapers
  • No harmful ingredients
    No formaldehydes, optical brighteners, coloring agents or chemical fragrances

Size options:

  • Regular 24cm (16 pcs/pack)
    Light to medium flow | Day
  • Large 28cm (14 pcs/pack)
    Heavy flow | Expanded back wings | Night


Natural non-woven cotton, non-woven fabric, non-woven absorbent polymer sheet, breathable waterproof synthetic resin film, Hot Melt (sticker), etc.

Product of Korea

Manufacturer: Boram C&H Co., Ltd. / Gyebaek-ro 2354-21, Yeonsan-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungnam