Mannas™ Well (Antiviral Supplement)

Suppresses coronaviruses (SARS, MERS)

Mannas™ Well contains large amounts of ‘dieckol’ which has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects, making it an ideal protective, virus-repelling supplement.

Scientists have proven that dieckol, a component of MOP®, can directly block 3 essential steps that prevent viruses from infecting and replicating inside cells.

Mannas™ Well is a powerful supplement to boost our protection against viral illnesses.

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Add 5 drops in water on empty stomach in the morning.


Add 5 drop in water and drink before going to bed.
For other tea and beverages, add 5 drops per cup.

* Take at least 10 drops a day.
20 drops per day if contaminated with virus
MOP™ brings your body back to health.

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