Blood and Circulation Enhancement

  • Helps purify blood and enhance circulation
  • Strengthens blood vessels (protects endothelial cells)
  • Control of blood cholesterol level
  • Supports metabolism to fight chronic fatigue

150g powder

Ingredients: copper sulphate(25% copper) 0.09%, fish collagen, flaxseed hull extract (China), seaweed calcium(seaweed:Ireland), Ecklonia cava extract (Ecklonia cava:South Korea/Seanol®), heme iron, vitamin E, vitamin B12

Supplement Facts - Amount per Serving (% Daily Value)
Energy 16kcal; sodium 8mg (0.4%); total carbohydrates 0g (0%); total fat 0g (0%); protein 4g (7%); copper 1.0mg (125%)

Suggested Usage: 1 spoonful twice per day (total 5g/day). Can be taken with a drink (water, soybean milk, etc.) or mixed into food. Can adjust amount according to physical condition.

Product of Korea

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