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HemaBuddy™ Dog Health Supplement and Treat | Formulated by dog chefs and vets with best ingredients for dogs. Soft chews and complete nutrition supplement for dogs. Dog arthritis, dog joints, dog skin and coat supplements. Supplements for old senior dogs. Delicious training treat packed with high-quality natural meat. hemabuddy hk botamedi hk

HemaBuddy™ - Medium and Large Breeds

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Pups Choice Supplement and Treat

  • Mouth-watering flavor that picky eaters can't resist
  • Complete nutrition balance with patent-pending formula
  • Seanol® + Collagen + Vitamins + Minerals
  • Helps post-operation recovery
  • Takes care of skin, coat, muscle and joints for growing and old pups
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits from brown kelp polyphenols (Seanol®) and green-lipped mussels
  • Packed with high-quality natural proteins from chicken and fish meat
  • Low-fat, grain-free treats to promote a balanced diet for your pet
  • No flavouring agents, artificial colors

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180g (3g x 60pcs)


  • 10-20kg body weight: 1 chew a day
  • Above 20kg: 2 chews a day
  • For dogs above 2 months of age
  • Only for consumption of pet dogs
  • Store refrigerated once opened. Keep away from children.


Chicken breast powder, tapioca, cellulose, glycerin, functional ingredients (Ecklonia cava extract (Seanol®), fish collagen, seaweed calcium, flax seed extract powder, heme iron, vitamin complex, etc.), fish tender, hydrolyzed chicken meat, gelatin, milk protein, fructooligosaccharides, β-glucan, green-lipped mussel powder, vitamin complex (vitamin A, B12, E, D, etc.), mineral complex (calcium, iron, zinc, etc.)

Product of Korea