Mannas™ All - Glucose and Cholesterol Control Supplement - 70g


Mannas™ is a food additive that helps to control blood glucose and cholesterol, while also enhancing the flavor, texture and preservation of cooked food.

Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the EU European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

Contents: 70g powder (for approx. 700 portions of cooked food)

Ingredients: Dextrin, Ecklonia cava extract (Seanol®)

Take 1 small spoon (0.7g) per day. Small spoon is provided inside.

(A) Using the spoon provided inside:

Drink: Dissolve 1 spoon (0.7g) of Mannas™ All in drinking water and drink throughout the day. Finish the drink within 1 day after dissolving.

(B) For cooking and food preparation:

  • Spray: Dissolve 1/3 teaspoon (~1g) of Mannas™ All in 50ml drinking water, and fill into a spray bottle. Spray on food before serving. Used this way, 1 bottle of Mannas™ All (70g) will last more than 6 months.
  • Marinating meat and fish: Dissolve 1/3 teaspoon (~1g) of Mannas™ All in 1 or 2 tablespoons of water. Apply solution on the entire surface of 500~1000g of meat. (Adjust the amount of Mannas™ All in proportion to the serving size). Marinate for 15 minutes before cooking.
  • Soups, stews and hotpots: Add 1/3 teaspoon (~1g) of Mannas™ All per 10 servings of soup. Add noodles, vegetables, meats or seafood together with Mannas™ All when the soup starts to boil, and boil for 10 minutes before serving. For best results, marinate meats and seafood with Mannas™ All before cooking.

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