Smart7™ Smart Energy Jelly


Work Hard, Play Hard!
NEW 'Smart Energy' Jelly

  • Two-in-One Energy Jelly for mental and physical boost
    Take to school, the gym, job interviews or the office
  • US FDA NDI Approved Seanol® Jelly
  • Pocket-sized
Boosts your:
  • Concentration
  • Physical energy
  • Memory and cognitive function
  • Clarity and focus

300g (15g x 20 packets)

Ingredients: purified water, fructose, tropical fruit mixed concentrate(Israel/orange concentrate, mango concentrate, passionfruit concentrate, guava concentrate, banana purée), dextrin, guarana extract powder(USA/guarana extract powder(20% or more solid), dextrin), blend(locust bean gum, xanthan gum, crystalline glucose powder, agar, tamarind gum), lemon concentrate(Israel), Ecklonia cava extract (Seanol®), calcium lactate, γ-Cyclodextrin, trisodium citrate, anhydrous citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sucralose

  • Fruit flavored
  • Contains Paullinia cupana/guarana extract (caffeine)
    60mg caffeine per pack
    *1 cup of black coffee contains 75mg caffeine
  • No preservatives or food dyes

Product of Korea

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